We provide your business with the finished presentation that makes your Quotation, New Business Pitch or Proposal stand out from your competitors either in print, on DVD or as streaming video content.

We will, when requested and authorised by you, act on your behalf to visit your client's site to survey, photograph, measure, video or otherwise record any project for which you need hard data in advance of any proposal.

Equally we will act on your behalf to meet your client to gather any post-installation or supply information including customer satisfaction feed-back, user comments, reference photographs or video for your future promotional activites, press release or archiving.

From quick sketch proposals, hand rendered artist's impressions, computer or card models, CAD proposals, photo-realistic visualisations and animations to presentation boards, booklets or DVDs we have the expertise and experience to deliver a range of solutions appropriate to any request.

Our clients have sent us to sites in Europe and the USA to survey, record, report or advise when they have been unable to attend. We go there to work, not for a p---up or a jolly, so we do it efficiently in order to get back and finish the job.

Some of our older clients know that in the past we have mixed the muck, wrought the iron, corked the lead, pulled the helex, humped acetaline bottles up five flights of stairs, sprung in purlins, worked all nighters, turned up on site to find the flooring contractor hasn't finished or that the kit that was delivered two days early has been put in the skip. We always take two cameras or more tools than we will need because it's cheaper than coming back twice.

Your future project is safe in our hands because we've been around long enough to know what needs to be done and savvy enough to point out to you anything that may have been missed off your client's brief.

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Our core skills are based on a solid practical grounding in civil and mechanical engineering through fabrication and volume manufacturing to installation.

We know a little bit about a lot of things, because you need to know enough to ask the right questions, but only regard oursleves as experts in design.

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